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Open source Generative AI

We're a startup focused on building tools to ensure high-powered Ai is made more accessible and useful.

We're currently building a suite of tools that enable whole communities to help collect, curate and clean data, for the purpose of training and tuning open source models. We’re using the tools to build our own model, which is a Austro-Libertarian focused Language Model called The Spirit of Satoshi

Our Products

RLHF For Sats

A tool that enables community members to participate in the cleaning and creation of data used to train and tune models. This tool has a consensus mechanism making it possible to do this at scale, with anonymous users from around the world - who can get paid for their contributions.


Nakamoto Repository 

An example of a community driven data collection and curation tool. Think of it as a library containing every Austrian Economics related Video, Podcast, Article, Essay, Book, Directory or Course. Everything. You can search the repository, and if there is anything you feel needs to be added, you can add it yourself!


Spirit of Satoshi

The world’s first Austro-Libertarian focused Language Model, built from the ground up and trained on the global corpus of  Austrian Economics data. This language model may be used as an educational assistant, content creating assistant, product and service discovery and support assistant. In the coming months we will release an SDK for you to build tools, agents and services on top.


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